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Our Story

We are passionate about water, great coffee, and about people. The human body is 90% water and so providing exceptionally pure, great tasting water is what we’re all about. And since coffee is also 98% water, we believe that the best tasting water is a big part of making the best cup of coffee possible.

We are a team that is equally passionate about the environment and our entire business is built on the belief that in offering great water and coffee services we can make a significant impact on the environment by pursuing a sustainable approach. That means offering office clients bottle-free water coolers (rather than plastic jug coolers), and offering coffee that is sustainably harvested and single-serve coffee options that define new standards of sustainability. (our green initiatives)

We serve over several hundreds of offices all across Vancouver Island with bottle-free water coolers and coffee services and are proud to say we are the leading provider of bottle-free solutions on the Island.


Think outside the bottle

Meet the modern office water cooler, stylish, convenient, economical, and environmentally responsible. Our bottle-free water coolers are a convenient alternative to plastic jug coolers, eliminating the hassle and frustration associated with lifting, storing and drinking from big heavy plastic jugs.

Imagine the convenience of never having to run out of jugs on an exceptionally hot summer day mid-week in the office, or never having to wait for the burly guy from the next office to come and load the jug for your staff, or having the cooler hovering on empty with a client waiting in the conference room because no one had the time to load a new jug! With a bottle-free water coolers your office has instantly fresh water, always, every cup, every time. Our coolers provide an unlimited supply of water by connecting with a tiny, discreet tube from the back of the cooler to any water source in the office (up to 500ft away).

Our installs are always non-permanent and quick-connect (no cutting into pipes and big holes in walls). And because the water that our cooler dispenses is filtered ‘on-demand’ as you fill your glass, water is never sitting stagnant for weeks or months.


kg of CO2 kept out of the atmosphere by not delivering plastic jugs

Reduced monthly costs, unlimited fresh water and a greener office.


Fresh + Filtered

We begin with incredibly pure, great tasting water and partner with some of the best coffee roasters in the industry to provide an office coffee experience that we’re proud to stand behind. We provide our clients with premium coffee brewing equipment at no cost and offer a free regular delivery service.

We believe that great tasting coffee is key to staff and client experience in any office, therefore we strive hard to provide an office coffee service that goes over and above.

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Health Benefits

Our coolers filter the water fresh on-demand as you fill your glass, so water is never sitting stagnant exposed to airborne bacteria.  The filter system being completely sealed allows for zero chance of any contamination into the system, and because water passes through the filter system and then instantly into your glass, water is always fresh and pure.

The filter system we use is the most advanced filtration system used in the industry, and we are the only bottle-less cooler provider that uses a 3-stage system that removes sediment, Lead, Chlorine, VOCs and other chemicals, pesticides, bacteria, and many viruses. With our nano-silver filter membrane water is guaranteed fresh and free of harmful bacteria.  The filter system also leaves all the naturally-occurring minerals in the water, keeping the water at a healthy balanced pH level.

FF-Down-ArrowReduced monthly costs, unlimited
fresh water and a greener office.

No more lifting, storing and
drinking from plastic jugs.

  • Reduces health risk from stagnant water sitting for days/weeks in plastic jugs
  • Filtered fresh on-demand, unlimited supply
  • Boiling hot on-demand & chilled water
  • Environmentally Responsible
  • Easy, non-permanent install in any office
  • No hidden fees, lifetime warranty
  • 100% Island-owned & operated

The most convenient, hassle-free office water cooler also happens to be the greenest.

Free Trial Information

At Freeflow we are so confident you will absolutely love both our product and our service that we proudly offer you a complete free trial of one of our bottle-free water coolers or our premium coffee brewers and free coffee.


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